Rob Houle

Rob Houle is a songwriter and composer of original music including theme songs, trailer music, musical cues, and full length scores for various media from film and television to web and stage.  A multi-instrumentalist, primarily playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, bass and accordion; Rob composes in almost any genre. Having loved and studied music since age three, Rob writes for orchestras, string quartets, rock bands and anything in between. Rob has a BFA in theater and is a skilled live music performer and frontman in his own right with a lifetime of stage experience under his belt.

Robs film music credits include, Going Attractions a full length documentary about the national rise and fall of the drive-in movie theater, The Spell Book a comedy horror short selected and shown in the Austin Film Festival, Donor a student thesis film from the University of Miami, and Twin Brides a quirky independent comedy feature. Rob got his start in composing for theater. He wrote the libretto and music for the multi-award winning play La Putain Avec Les Fleurs.  Additionally he wrote the music for several children’s science musicals at The New York Hall of Science, The Orlando Science Center and The Capital Children’s Museum in Washington D.C.  Rob Houle loves a musical challenge and was the original improv musician for the improv comedy troupe, THEM, of Orlando and Los Angeles fame. He spontaneously created musical scores to suit the scenes and situations of the improvisers both in long and short form improv.

Robert James Hanes

Robert James Haynes is a writer/director that is proud to call Austin, TX his home. In 2009, he moved here with Christine and their cat ( Lebowski) with a trunk full of all their worldly possessions and a tiny nest egg of cash to pursue their filmmaking dream. While he has experience with nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process, he feels the most at home behind the camera, directing. His first narrative short, ‘The Spell Book’, which he also wrote, was recently screened at the 19th Annual Austin Film Festival. Robert is currently writing his first feature film script.



William Akey

William Akey is a 20-year acting veteran of screen and stage, and can be seen in Temple Grandin, Friday Night Lights, and the upcoming Parkland.






Scott Osborn
Scott Osborn served his 10 years in the video game business for giants such as Electronic Arts and Acclaim Entertainment before turning to writing, where he managed to generate several produced screenplays (FAITH AND BULLETS, SECRET ADMIRER, THE MAID, and SIXUFUS).

Scott has also collaborated with director Jeffrey Travis (DRAGON DAY, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, EXCEPT FOR DANNY) on a short piece for the Triggerstreet film festival (THE TRIGGERSHEET DIARIES).

Eventually, Scott moved to the production and post-production side of film-making, creating over a dozen industrials of varying lengths and subject matter. He also wrote, produced, and directed some of his own dramatic projects (LET ME IN, NO QUITS, DECENT PROPOSAL, MIND READER 8, I AM JESUS, THE PERFORMANCE, and the animated web series INVADED); one of which (I AM JESUS) was distributed by OUAT Media, and the feature-length script optioned.

You can find Scott’s IMDB listing here.