Projects – Invaded

Air Battle

Check out  “Invaded”, a sci-fi, machinima-powered animated web series starring William Akey, Stephen Manning, and Stephanie Mann.

Next year, aliens invade our planet. Though their technology is superior, the human effort to protect the homeland is fierce, and gaining ground. The world-wide battle is far from over, and could go either way.

Faced with this stiff resistance, the aliens change tactics, and begin abducting humans for unknown purposes.

One 12-year-old boy, Tom, is taken. But his age belies survival skills, and his response will reverberate to a world-wide level, ultimately effecting the outcome of the war.

Here’s the first episode:

Watch the remaining webisodes unfold every week , culminating on 10/15/13, on our YouTube channel, or watch this playlist to see the episodes in order.